My name is Emi Olausson Fourounjieva.

I’m a Transformational Coach, Digital Expert, Leader, Visionaire, Educator and Global Speaker. I’m also an Advisor in the Advisory Board for two global professional networks: Brand Leadership Community and The Hive Network for retail executives.

I believe that Transformation must be boosted, in addition to the power of data, research, algorithms and technologies, by human Intuition, Creativity and Innovation, in order to obtain harmonious and sustainable development.

Competence, Emotional Intelligence, individual talents, ability to prioritize right and see unique strengths, resilience and clear vision and values are critical factors for creating a balanced environment where people enjoy being, creating success stories and achieving exponential growth.

Sustainable Leadership is the Key to Success today and beyond.

Success = IQ+EQ+DQ



“Any kind of crisis can be good. It wakes you up.”

Ryan Reynolds

As featured in

Report. Nordic Data and Analytics Success Stories 2021. How Nordic Enterprises are Delivering Data-Driven Business Transformations in the Age of COVID-19

Contributors include:

  • Girish Agarwal, Director AI Lab, Husqvarna Group
  • Emi Olausson Fourounjieva, Former Digital Analytics and Insights Lead, Nobia
  • Gabriela Ayres, Global Credit Risk and Analytics Lead, Care by Volvo
  • Juwel Rana, Head of Analytics, Varner
  • Morten Bunes Gustavsen, Head of Data, DNB Wealth Management
  • Manana Rtskhiladze, Global Workforce Analytics Lead, Electrolux
  • Robin Hjeite, Head of Analytics, Swish
  • Nathaniel Spohn, General Manager, EMEA,Fivetran
  • Dr. Dennis Nilsson, Head of BI and Analytics, Jyske Bank
  • Erik Tallroth, Head of Analytics Sweden, Telia Company
  • Nick Nowlan, Nordic Lead, Fivetran
  • Sam Troilius, CDAO, Loopia Group


Adapt, Grow and Thrive — 3 Top Tips for Modern Leaders and Executives

Written by: Emi Olausson Fourounjieva, Executive Contributor | Brainz Magazine



My experience building a dedicated data and analytics function from scratch

Questions Answered from Brand Leadership for the CxO Webcast

I’m building success cases in a corporate environment for years.

I’m sharing my experience as a speaker and educator with the Executives & Leaders, here are a few examples:


Data Champions Online Nordics 2020

Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Nordics 2020

eTail Nordic 2020