Weekly Planner for Overwhelmed High Achievers

The most important factor in your Success is Your Mindset

The world is developing at a tremendous pace, which presents real challenges and requires adaptation. This intense environment causes a lot of overwhelm and exhaustion.


Leadership today and beyond pushes many Leaders to review their values, tool- and skill set and goals.

I developed this one page

Weekly Planner to help High Achievers

✔ Focus on what really matters

✔ Prioritize right

✔ Get more impact

✔ Grow faster

✔ Maintain Work – Life balance



My Top tips on setting Goals and reaching Results

When you plan – no matter if it is in business or in private life – it is really important to set ambitious goals, to challenge yourself to grow and take the new heights – but to be able to reach these goals – without losing focus, without losing hope that they are achievable, without killing your motivation and performance or burning out along the way.


Define your Goals, outside your Comfort zone, and move forward – one step at a time, or even better – jumping forward – if you prefer exponential growth.


Be flexible and brave enough to review your goals from time to time – to make sure that they are still relevant.


Consistency and Action are keys to your Growth


Let go of everything what doesn’t belong to who you are and where you want to go, everything what doesn’t serve you and your goals anymore.


Get ready to change, transform and adapt – it is a must, not something nice for “maybe someday”.


Don’t be afraid to climb up, it might be scary and uncomfortable at certain moments, especially if it was an unexpected challenge or opportunity, but as long as you have your WHY and see a clear goal – nothing is impossible!

Take the Leap!


Step out of your comfort zone, feel that you are alive, adapt and grow, enjoy the process and the results!


Don’t say NO to the new opportunities, enjoy every minute.

Life is an adventure!

“Strategy is a fancy word for coming up with a long-term plan and putting it into action.”

–  Ellie Pidot